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Port Royal Place Condominiums
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Nuvo at Essex
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Linda is very personable and knowledgeable about the Toronto condo market. She really seemed to have my personal satisfaction as her goal, and I am extremely happy with the property that she brokered the deal for. I will definitely use her services for any future real estate sales/purchases.
Melissa Schiestel

It was great having Linda represent us in the sale of our home. She was very detailed and her communication with us was great. I would highly recommend her to others.
Gino and Stephanie Cardenas

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Decision making…

Today I want to bring up the decision making process into the surface. In Wikipedia the definition of decision-making is: “Decision making can be regarded as the mental processes (cognitive process) resulting in the selection of a course of action among several alternative scenarios. Every decision-making process produces a final choice. The output can be [...]

How is the market?

How is the market? Yes!!! I ‘ve got this question a lot lately, especially in condominium segment of the market in downtown core area. I would say, it depends…. It all comes down to a basic economic law; supply and demand and we will see it in months to follow, when we get into more active [...]

Investing in Real Estate still best place to make your $$$ work for you

There have been a lot of talks about investing in a real estate and I believe everyone was thinking about it at some point. With the prices having  skyrocketed in a recent years it is getting more difficult to find and invest in a properties that can actually cash flow.  I don’t think I have to [...]

Things cannot stay the same forever…

For the last decade we have been witnessing seemed like never ending developers party and now everything changed…. I remember one time, when I walked into one highly marketed sales office and tried to negotiate a purchase price and deposit structure for one of my client. Well… the answer was the purchase price is set and [...]